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Order speakers from the products -page. You can safely use your Visa or MasterCard/Maestro via the third party service ‘Checkout’ offered at the shopping bag section. The connection is SSL-secured.

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Delivery time

Spiro speakers are shipped out within 5 days, Subspiros are custom made and the manufacturing takes up to two weeks. Delivery time depens on the destination and shipping method: inside EU usually within a week – to North America take a look, for example, DHL, UPS, or FedEx.

Return / refund

Take your time and try Northnuance for 30 days: if you want, you can return faultless merchantable products and get a full refund. You’ll pay only the shipping for the return.

5-year Guarantee

Northnuance speakers are made to last. We offer a 5-year guarantee, which includes all the evident defects occured in a regular use. The amplifier of Subspiro has a 12 month guarantee.

Northnuance guarantee does not cover external causes of damage, such as scrathces, dirt, rips, cracks etc. The guarantee does not cover faulty use such as malfunction caused by a loud signal from the amplifier. Northnuance products are for indoor use only. Storage and operational temperature has to be between 10…30 °C and relative humidity between 25…50%. Protect the speakers from rapid change of both the humidity and temperature even within the accepted range of variation.

If a defect occurs, please contact >