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Makes music fun to listen to!


  • Finnish audio solutions / loudspeaker manufacturer
  • Founded in 2013
  • Four models: Spiro, Subspiro, Variante and Versus
  • Natural sound, fresh design
  • Hand made, using eco-friendly materials such as birch tree and lamb wool
  • Innovations: Acoustic Absorption Wave-Guide (AWG)


Wake up, records!

A perfect speaker reproduces exactly everything a microphone has recorded. There are a large variety of speakers that sound good, but only few that get you excited. It is the tiniest nuances of sound that make music sound natural and lifelike. Only then does listening become both fun and relaxing!


A typical speaker consists of a few drivers and several semiconductors. A talented designer chooses and adjusts these parts in the quest for a perfect combination. The more there are drivers, the more discontinuation challenges between the drivers the designer has. A decent crossover helps combining these drivers, but each additional component degrades the sound quality. Every additional part on the signal path degrades the transientic nature of music.


We have removed all but the essential, the driver. Thus, the design has been a great challenge. 345 different types of prototypes were tested along the way before launching our first model, Spiro. Each material and dimension have been carefully selected to achieve the sound like no other.


Northnuance returns to the origins of sound.  There are no delays and no distortion discontinuities in the frequency range. Every little nuance sounds natural. The speaker sounds smooth and incredibly sparkly at the same time. Sound is transparent and the soundstage is incredible. Music finally becomes alive and listening is astonishingly fun!