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A full-range speaker in the whole new range.
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Driver: 70mm full-range
Nominal impedance: 8ohm
Sensitivity: ~83,5dB 2,83V/1m
Recommended amplifier: 15…60W RMS
Frequency response: 80-20000Hz
Dimensions: 946x135x80mm
With the pedestal: 946x425x310mm (KxLxS)
The delivery includes: 2x speaker, wooden storage cabinet

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Finishing tone of birch

Waxed birch, White-tone birch, Mahogany-tone birch

Color of fabric

Black, Red, Light olive

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“All because of a single driver”


The development process of Spiro was an exceptional challenge. All the tuning has been made acoustically: by modeling, measuring, and listening to perfection.  It took 345 different prototype models with different technical solutions, materials, and dimensions to achieve the excellence we wanted from the speaker.

The driver

The driver bears the toughest challenge in the sound system: transforming electric signal into acoustic resonance of air pressure. The driver of Spiro is made of aluminium and is both rigid and lightweight. This is the basic requirement in order to reach a broad frequency range.

The selected driver has significantly low distortion components. This makes it sound clear and relaxed. All the unwanted noise is gone.

In order to produce the highest frequencies with precision, the dimension of the driver is only 70mm. That’s why a sound disturbing whissler cone is not needed.

Bass response

The lively and natural bass response of Spiro is produced by the efficient transmission line bass tuning. The low notes are played in a controlled way with little energy, as the sound waves are directed to the appropriate sound channel.

The base notes have a distinctive nuance, and from 80Hz the response decreases gently. In a managed room, the response reaches 40Hz. These features are especially suitable for playing acoustic music.


The magic of Spiro lies in its acoustic Absorption Wave-Guide (AWG). It enables tonal balance and room directivity previously unheard to full-range speakers.

A typical full-range speaker has an electric crossover to adjust the frequency response. An unadjusted frequency response might sound half decent in a controlled listening studio, but in a normal living room the sound is typically uncomfortable. With electric adjusting the frequency response can be suited to individual spaces. However, additional electric components always weaken the final sound quality.

In Spiro, the AWG adjusts the driver directivity. The AWG contains controlled absorption technology in order to reach a natural frequency response without electric adjustment. There is only the speaker wire between the driver and the amplifier. As a result, the speaker is balanced in all kinds of rooms.

Simple, yet so difficult: every dimension of Spiro and detail in AWG materials is an active part of the speaker’s acoustic sound adjustment. The layers in the AWG affect different frequencies with controlled intensity. It has been a lengthy, yet rewarding development process to achieve the harmony of Spiro.