Why Northnuance

Taste orange juice. It tastes like, well, oranges. That’s because the juice maker has spent endless hours to develop a homogenous, sweet and colourful breakfast drink.

Taste freshly squeezed orange juice. It will also tastes like oranges, but incredibly more delicious than the regular juice made of concentrate. Fresh juice has natural and subtle nuances of citrus, sweet and sour, tenderness and freshness just impossible to describe.

“Things are the most intriguing in their purest form.”

Back to the origins of sound

Most speakers are also made homogenous, sweet and colourful. They arouse interest and sound good at the shop. But for some reason the prize-winning speakers are left to dust at home. Most say they don’t have time or interest – quite often the actual reason is that after a short while many speakers make excellent music boring to listen to.

That’s why we have designed a speaker from the scratch. Since only few need deafening sound pressures out of their speakers, we emphasized quality over quantity.

Excellent music records carry you away when they are reproduced naturally. As every electronic component weakens the sound quality, we decided to get rid of the audio crossover altogether. To replace it, we designed acoustic solutions and built them from the best materials. We spent countless hours of modeling, measuring, and listening. We did this over and over until the sound we heard was spectacular every time a  song started.

This is the story behind Spiro, a new-wave full-range loudspeaker. It will wake up your records.